An unusual case of discrimination: Women against women?

I’ve been working in my current organization from Feb 2015. From the day I joined I’m facing discrimination from my team leader. She often gives me comments that she is still not satisfied from my work where as my immediate manager is well satisfied from my work.

My male colleagues are very happy with her. She is very gentle with them and most of time they are chilling and enjoying (YouTube, Daily Motion and other video sites). Facebook is always an open window on their laptops and she knows it (she can see their windows).

And all the time I receive deadlines from her. And at the end she reports to the boss that I didn’t do the work properly and I do so many mistakes. I have experience of 6 years and now doing MS leading to PhD in HRM. I got certification of MS Excel before joining this job as it needed excel excellence. Now I’m only person who knows excel best in my department. Even sometimes I used to tell her how to use it but she can’t admit it.

Sometimes I get frustrated and decide to quit but my economical condition does not let me do so yet.

I think she would treat me well if I offer her a cup of tea (I should prepare tea, put the cup on a saucer and serve her), if I say you are looking so young and attractive, if I say I idealize you as you only know the project inside and out.

But I can’t say or do any of the above. I don’t know how to do that.

Thanks for making me feel better by sharing my story to someone.

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