Sexist Managers

One of the big 4 auditing firms in Islamabad is notorious for sexist managers. Here’s a few stories (there are many more).

Manager A and B drop their pens on the ground, ask female members of their team to pick them up.

Manager A and B have a shouting match out in the open about who’s team a particular female colleague will be on. Making it blatantly obvious they just want the rights to ogle her.

Disclaimer: There are many good people in the organization, but some of the managers are downright terrible human beings.

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  1. Why have you censored the name of the firm? In the fight against sexism, you’ve implicitly ended up on the side of sexism by refusing to name and shame the company that does this.


    1. The writer didn’t include the name of her firm.

      Regardless, it should be noted that our aim is to encourage conversation about the problems women face at work, rather than pursue vigilante justice. The idea is that focusing on finding solutions to problems is far more productive than simply pointing fingers. Most importantly, we find that women are much less likely to contribute to this conversation if they have to name offender(s). So in a sense, naming names would undermine the goals of our project.


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