I did not back off from my objective, and neither should you

Entering the professional world for a woman is certainly not easy, especially in Pakistan. When I started my own business about three years back, I faced a lot of criticism from people around me. I used to visit a photographer for getting clothes for my online boutique photographed and once he found out I ran my own business, he felt very comfortable in flirting with me. It seemed like all men like him believed that a business woman in Pakistan is open to flirting because she interacts with men. This is just one tiny aspect of the many problems I faced. I am married now and still working, in a different field now, but the situation hasn’t changed much now. Many of my in-laws are not supportive as well and do not see me with respect. Working in this country, particularly in the business field is not an easy task. Unhealthy criticism, taunts, annoying eyes of men with the X-ray capacity follow you everywhere, but it is your determination and passion alone that will get you somewhere. I did not back off from my objective and neither should you. I have a simple question for all those who think women should not work is: ‘If we don’t work, will you support our families financially?’ If your answer is no, then please keep your filthy and unwanted opinions tightly packed in your mouth. Thank you.

-Sharoon Yasir

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