Month: July 2015

Calling All Pakistani Professional Women

It’s always the same story: the manager who gives your male colleague the job even though you’re better at it, the condescending male peer who jokes about your period when you get into a heated debate, the office boy who tells you there’s no more paper left in the printer but runs to refill it for your male peers. Gaslighters, mansplainers, benevolent patriarchs—stories about sexists come in all forms in the Pakistani workplace, and tend to remain in the hushed margins of our conversations around water coolers and during lunch breaks.

This blog attempts to bring those conversations out in the open. Whether you work in the government, a corporate firm, non-profit, or a school, we welcome submissions about all kinds of observations from your experience of being a woman at your place of work. Our plan is not to create a space for us to gripe about our problems (okay, maybe a little) nor to shame our organizations and colleagues. Rather, we hope to help start a national conversation about the problems women face in our careers, what we might do to start fixing them, and hopefully, what is already being done to do so.

This blog was inspired by the good women at Being a Woman in Philosophy, a blog dedicated to the experiences of women in academia.

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